Excerpts from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

구르미 그린 달빛 | Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Excerpts)

Original text by 윤이수 | Illustration by kk.

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(Disclaimer: All copyright belongs to the original source. I am not profiting by this translation. Please note that I am still learning Korean and cannot guarantee translation accuracy.)


  1. Sam-nom of Woonjung Thoroughfare
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Chapter 1: Sam-nom of Woonjung Thoroughfare

The story so far: Hong Ra-on is disguised as Hong Sam-nom, known throughout Seoul as the man who can solve all matters of the heart–no one knows she’s actually a girl in disguise! Ra-on has been helping Master Kim write love letters to woo a mysterious young lady, but suddenly Master Kim wants out when he realizes his position is too lowly to properly court a lady of such stature. Kim begs Ra-on to go in his stead to meet the young lady and break off the romance. She finds herself disguised not only as a man, but a nobleman, waiting for the young lady at a house at the base of Namsan Mountain.


Faking an awkward fit of coughing, Ra-on peered furtively outside.

This location, which Steward Choi had hurriedly secured, was a small thatched room adjoining one of two chambers on either side of a small wooden hallway.

If one went into this thatched room–positioned at the foot of Namsan Mountain–and simply did not open the door, the room was designed such that one would still be perfectly capable of conversing with someone else, even though their face would not be visible. This was what had been come up with, lest Ra-on’s guise as Master Kim be uncovered.

Every once in a while she worried herself, wondering if the other young lady would be suspicious of this rather unusual way of meeting. But then again, perhaps it wasn’t so unusual, considering that propriety kept apart men and women of nobility.

“As I said, ahem.”

Facing the exterior of the door, Ra-on cleared her throat. She had just heard someone in the opposite chamber.

What should I say? She will have come here with a happy heart. How shall I break things off without hurting this gentle young woman’s feelings?

Her mind worked furiously; in doing so, she missed the sound of the door to the opposite chamber opening.

She missed, also, the sound of heavy footfalls approaching from the opposite side of the short hallway. When the door suddenly swung open, she paled in horror.

It was over in an instant, the abrupt opening of the once securely closed door.


A shrill exclamation of shock escaped Ra-on’s lips. For a moment, a long shadow loomed over Ra-on’s head.

This cannot be happening. We absolutely must not see each other’s face!

As Ra-on was panicking about this sudden turn of events, the stranger who had opened the door seated himself in front of her, unconcerned.

Ra-on remained astonished as his pale visage now filled her gaze.

It was a face so beautiful that it gave one goosebumps, as though it belonged to the heavens. Pupils dark like ink, high-bridged nose, and crimson lips, all in perfect balance with each other…. he was quite a beautiful man.

In her whole life this was the first time she had ever seen a man so beautiful…. Wait. Man? Did I just say man? The person I came here to meet is supposed to be a woman!

“Who…. are you?”

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