Clazziquai Project – #Curious I've had Clazziquai's new album Travellers on repeat since it came to Spotify (bless). I love the new single so much. The lyrics and instrumentals kind of remind me of Ra-on and Yeong's early friendships/shenanigans - though that might just be because I've been thinking of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds too much these days! Heh. (Seriously though. If [...]

Interview with Park Yoochun (Marie Claire 2015)

Given that I know zilch about what's happening in Korean entertainment these days, it came as a mild surprise to learn that Park Yoochun (of K-drama & K-pop fame) is off to serve his mandatory two-year military service.  Very soon in fact.  Like, today.  Or yesterday. I chanced upon this short interview while scanning Korean celeb [...]

Cécile Corbel & songs in foreign languages

Good music makes me so, so happy. I've been listening to a lot of "experimental" electronic, indie rock, and singer/songwriter type music these days.  When I listen to music in a language I can understand (English, Korean, and some Japanese), lyrics are often the most noticeable element of song for me and vocals tend to stand out [...]