Audio Post #4

In which I read a couple pages from the end of Chapter 3 of 우리들의 행복한 시간.  The dialogue is between the narrator Yoojung, who has been hospitalized after her third suicide attempt, and Sister Monica, a Catholic nun who comes to visit her.

I recorded this mainly because really need to practice reading longer sentences.  Even though I can usually understand what I’m reading, when I’m reading the same passage aloud, I often get lost, mess up the intonation, and end up just sounding robotic.  Eugh.  You can actually hear me lose energy and mispronounce more words near the end.><

Anyway, you may have also noticed that I managed to find a better mic!  Hopefully that means more audio posts in the future?

Audio Post #3

In which I record myself speaking in Japanese for the first time ever.  The audio starts with a brief intro and then I read aloud a journal entry I wrote on Lang-8 about one of my favorite J-dramas, Kimi wa Petto.

I stumble quite a bit and my intonation/pronunciation is all weird but here’s to hoping  I improve. -___-

Audio Post #1

Jeannie’s audio post inspired me to make a recording of myself reading Korean as well.  In this recording, I’m reading a couple paragraphs from the first chapter of BIGBANG’s autobiography, 세상에 너를 소리 쳐, which is also the first Korean book I purchased.  (The narrator of this particular passage is G-Dragon.)  I do understand everything I’m reading but intonation and pronunciation are still quite difficult for me.  What do you guys think? ^^  I already know I mispronounced 흘러나오고 as 흘러너오고  >_<.