Cheese in the Trap – 2

So I just finished reading season 1 of Cheese in the Trap, which is kind of a big accomplishment for me because I tend to drop webtoons pretty quickly. That, or I forget to check an update/ author goes on hiatus and it drops off my radar forever.

I like this one. I have no idea how close the author is to finishing it so the possibility may be high that I get caught up and it ends up dropping off my radar anyway, but hopefully not.

I think this is the first time I’ve read a webtoon where I actually really like the main character. Seol and I are actually very much alike. She’s smart but also hardworking, too busy to care about how she looks, struggles with her hair (see below), and is generally well-liked. There’s a part near the end of season 1 that I really identified with – Seol has to complete a big group assignment/presentation for one of her classes and all of her group members bail on her at the last minute. She ends up pulling an all-nighter and doing the whole thing herself… and still ends up failing the assignment.



Seol is very much a people-pleaser. She’s non-confrontational; so much so that even if she’s not okay with something, she stifles it until she explodes. She will go out of her way to check her own behavior and desires to put the other person(s) at ease. It’s part of what makes her so likable but it’s also to her own detriment. She’s very attuned to peoples’ reactions to her and to others. It’s a harsh kind of empathy that makes her question everything she does and says.

Actually me.

At the moment, I don’t really care for Jung. In the latter half of season 1 we get some insight into why he is the way he is. He’s from a really wealthy family; everyone is on their toes around them and for the sake of preserving the status quo, he has to be gracious at all times, even when he’s upset. When people upset him, he can only afford to get angry behind closed doors, so to speak; his comebacks have a particularly sadistic nuance to them.

Seriously, with friends like Jung who needs enemies? Luckily Seol has a wonderful group of friends. I freaking love Bora. When she overhears random guys “evaluating” how dateable Seol is, she completely flips out on them and then decides to set Seol up with the greatest guy in existence, Jung be damned!

엄친아 스타일로ㅋㅋㅋ

I’m guessing there’s going to be an eventual romance between Jung and Seol? Jung definitely seems interested in her (whether that’s in a romantic sense or otherwise). Given the way season 1 ended, I have a feeling the happy times are coming to an end and the webtoon might turn rather dark, rather soon.

Overall I’m still having a ton of fun reading this. Onward to season 2!


  1. Sarah Z says:

    I’m actually loving the drama so far… I have half a mind to read the webtoon first to figure out how all this ends but I’m patiently exercising self-restraint :P


    1. Archana says:

      I think the webtoon is still ongoing so it may leave you with more questions than answers if you read it! I’ll definitely have to check out the drama once I’ve caught up with the webtoon. :)

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  2. Katharine says:

    Hi Archana. It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog. And look, we’ve both just blogged about the same thing — Cheese in the trap! It’s been a long time since I was last hooked in a drama. I have downloaded the webtoon but I’m yet to read it :) You might want to check out the drama. It’s good.


    1. Archana says:

      Hi Katharine! How have you been? It really has been too long. I’m definitely loving Cheese in the Trap and will probably start the drama once it finishes. :)


      1. Katharine says:

        I’m doing great. Just wasn’t able to really focus in studying Korean but I’m definitely back this year! Waiting for the drama to finish before you start watching is a good idea, especially with a drama lang Cheese in the Trap. I catch myself counting days down to Monday and Tuesdays. haha


  3. Haricha says:

    I’m watching the drama right now so I read a tiny bit of the webtoon yesterday. I think I’ll continue with the webtoon since the next episode of the drama is so far away. :) The OST is really good too!^^


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