Cheese in the Trap – 1

Okay, so I am BLOGGGG-ing about Cheese in the Trap. Only the webtoon, though, not the drama.

(I’m feeling meh about dramas these days. I’m almost finished with 마을 아치아라의 비밀 – a drama that is seriously making me question my liking for Moon Geun-young and one that I would’ve given up if it weren’t so deliciously melodramatic. But I digress.)

So anyway, Cheese in the Trap.

We’re following the story of Hong Seol, a college student heading back to school after a long leave of absence. She’s pretty normal. She’s smart (though the circumstances behind which she received her full scholarship is one of the mysteries of the story) and has a decent social life with a tight-knit group of friends. Surprisingly she’s not dirt poor like most K-drama protagonists, but she’s trying her hardest to not burden her parents with tuition fees (there’s a story behind that too).

There’s one thorn in her side though – the campus Mr. Perfect, Yoo Jung, who happens to be the reason she ended up taking a break from school in the first place.

This dude is weird. Outwardly, he’s bizarrely perfect: good-looking, smart, polite, kind… all the girls love him and all the guys want to be him. Except Seol notices some inconsistencies in his behavior. Sometimes he’s nice, sometimes he seems cold and condescending, and sometimes he’s outright mean to Seol. I’m 30 chapters into the webtoon and I don’t know what this dude’s deal is. Seol thinks he’s playing mind games with her by orchestrating situations that make her highly uncomfortable. But she has no proof and sometimes she just thinks she’s being overly sensitive. That was a year ago. Now she’s back in school, and he seems like he’s trying really hard to be her friend for some weird reason….

So there are basically two different timelines being told in parallel – we’re privy to Seol’s flashbacks from one year prior ago as well as the present day storyline, so I don’t know (yet) what it was that made Seol quit school, but it definitely had something to do with Jung.

I’m still at the start of this series (about 75% of the way through part 1 of 3) but I’m enjoying it so far. There’s a touch of mystery, touch of comedy, touch of romance…. The characters are great, including Seol. She’s hilarious.

Seol freaking out about selfie she took with Jung.

Also this random sunbae of hers. I don’t know if he’s going to play a bigger role later in the webtoon, but look at him. You can’t not like that face.

입이 찢어질 듯

It seems like figuring out what the heck Jung’s deal is will be the focus of the bulk of the webtoon. My guess is that he’s the really sheltered son of a mafia boss who is on some kind of undercover mission at the university. Never mind, Jeannie tells me this isn’t true. I could’ve sworn… he’s so good at those arcade shooting games too!

I’ll probably blog on and off about the webtoon here. Is anyone else reading this or watching the drama? Let me know what you think (but no spoilers please).

And if you’re not comfortable with reading it in Korean, there’s an English translation too!


  1. Seol quit school because she has to work for her tuition fee. I’m guessing she didn’t get the full scholarship then. When she came back she met Jung who came back from his army duties after two years. And wow you’re already in chapter 30!! I finished the whole thing in 4 days lol it’s kinda addicting and I learned lots of things and noticed wrong spellings lol. I’m like you’re liking it! Watch the drama after you’re done with season 1! There’s only 10chapters left for you ’til season 2!!!


    1. Archana says:

      Yeah I knew she worked for her tuition fee when she quit school but I thought the actual reason she left was because Jung did something to her…? I think there was a part she mentioned that but maybe I took it too literally.


  2. Jeannie says:

    Ahh that one! She did for a semester I think then when she was planning to do it again she got a scholarship.

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  3. Hey ! i’m still confused about this leave of absence … i can’t keep up with the choronological order with so many flashbacks .. well , here’s what i know : hong seol took a leave of absence and worked for her tuition fees , and she was so excited to go back to school , then she found out that she can’t have the scholarship since jung yoo is the preeminent , she decided to leave school once again ( and i think that’s why she was saying “they don’t i’m leaving because of him” it’s all about the scholarship) , suprisingly something happened and Jung’s report disappeared and she got the full scholarship , after getting back to school , he strated acting nice to her . My question here : did she know him before ? he left school for 2 years and his older than her , and she’s younger how did they get the chance to be in college at the same time .. in what year they are .. both of them !… pleaase help me .. i’m lost


  4. oohh wait i’ll change it .. i think i got it right now ! because as she said she first met him in the party …so here we go: – she was out of school because she took an absence of leave, then it’s time to go back to school . – in the party she met him . – the year has started , and that was the year when Jung was mean to Seol( the famous” he wasn’t like that last year) . After that semester ended , she said she was tired , plus she didn’t get the full scholarship because of Jung , and ended up making this decision”i’m going to leave school for a year ” . – then suddenly she got the full scholarship , and Jung started acting nice ! … sorry for these long coments ~~~huhuu ! .. I just need you to confirm that this is the right order of events !


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