Adolescence Rediscovered

The older I get, the more juvenile my interests become.  At least by society’s standards.

During high school, it was 일주일 내내 열공.  Zero time to do anything except homework and exam prep.  College (undergrad) was probably the peak of my  Korean-learning phase – as in, I was watching a lot of Korean dramas, listening/following K-pop, and reading a lot as well.  Now I’m in graduate school.  I’m in my twenties.  Busier than ever.  And yet, I find myself buying plushies online (no joke), squandering my money away on silly trinkets, and playing video games that I missed out on in my youth.  Yep.

Aside from role-playing games – which I didn’t think I’d ever get into until recently – I’ve become a fan of visual novels.  As someone who is a traditionalist when it comes to reading (I prefer books), I’ve always pretentiously side-eyed visual novels and I still don’t not consider them a real form of literature, but I will acknowledge that they are super fun, especially when they’re interactive.  I’ve come to adore Ace Attorney, for example.  I don’t remember what I was looking up but I stumbled across this:



Apparently in the Korean version of the game, they also keep the Japanese names.  Phoenix Wright is Naruhodo Ryuichi, Mia is Chihiro, etc. Sadly my Japanese is still not good enough to play the originals but I have it from a good source that the puns are hilarious.  Heh.  When I took my sister’s old Nintendo DS, I had no idea I’d be using it as much as I am.  And speaking of visual novels, for some reason I thought they were exclusive to Japanese… apparently there are Korean ones too!  I recently started playing (err, reading) 아날로그 어 헤이트 스토리 switching between English and Korean.

One of these days I’m going to finish writing up all those actually useful posts I have sitting in my drafts.

5 thoughts on “Adolescence Rediscovered

  1. I’ve always been adolescent in my ways and role playing games are super fun :D and although visual novels aren’t real literature it really is fun like you said! But English lit always a winner :)


    1. It’s funny that when I was actually a teenager, I was so eager to grow up and do “adult” things. Now I’m like ewwwww taxes, rent, insurance!! x__x I wish I could go back in time and enjoy being a kid!


  2. OMG I’m also getting back into plushies. I’m 20, by the way. Besides the site you linked, are there any other places that you know of to buy plushies?

    Also, I think rediscovering adolescence at any time is awesome, considering for most people it’s not really a great time hahah

    Good Luck in Grad school and on your learning adventures :)


    1. Yeah I feel that when I was a teenager, I was so stressed out all the time – I’m stressed out now too but I’m learning how to balance my time better and therefore have more time for fun! Artists on Etsy and DeviantArt generally make fantastic plushies, in my experience. It really depends on the character you’re interested in. Thanks for reading!


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