Month: January 2013

정엽 – 웃기고 있어

I’m not all that familiar with Brown Eyed Soul, but the couple songs I have heard by them are really really nice.  Naul released an album recently too and I’ve heard a couple songs on it which I thought were nice but it’s just not my usual style of music.  Yekyung’s convinced that I don’t appreciate ballads because I’m still “young.” XD That all being said!  I’ve been listening to 정엽’s newest album for the past hour or so; his voice is so soothing, I could cry.  Enjoy. Click for the full playlist. I promise this blog isn’t turning into a music blog!  Music helps me get through a lot of life’s craziness and there’s tons of great stuff out there that I can’t help but share.

ONE OK ROCK – アンサイズニア

A friend and I were talking about how our lives (both personal and academic) are like sine functions and we’re both approaching a local minima.  Just feeling very uninspired about a lot of things. But I like this song.  It makes me want to get up and do things. The real title is “Answer is Near” but “Ansaizunia” is so much cooler.  Heh. Oh the acoustic version is lovely too, but a totally different feeling. Taka’s voice.  SIGHHHH.  Am I the only one who affectionately thinks of them as One O’Krock? Hope everyone’s doing well.  Ciao ciao.

10 Favorite Korean Songs of 2012

Whoops, we’re already a few days into 2013 and I just got around to finishing this post. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite songs of 2012!  For a person who has never watched Top Band, a LOT of my favorite music come from bands that have participated on that show.  It’s certainly seems to be doing its job of boosting talented professional musicians into the limelight.  Maybe I ought to try actually watching the show someday.  Enjoy, and here’s to discovering fresh new music in 2013!