First (?!) Korean notebook

That’s right.  It’s been nearly three years since I started studying Korean, and I’ve finally started a notebook.

During the early days, I learned a LOT of grammar from songs and my “notebook” was actually just a binder full of song lyrics.  I had the Korean lyrics on one page and 3-5 pages of detailed grammar and vocabulary notes stapled behind it – a compilation of stuff I looked up in books and read on the internet.

Then as I started reading more, I had sheets and sheets of vocabulary words (in blue and black) and grammar points in red, which I organized in order of the the books and/or articles I read, in the same binder.

Now, I plan on taking TOPIK sometime in 2013 (I think it’s only offered annually in the US?  I have to check the dates), and it’s getting harder for me to retain those not-so-common grammar points, so I decided to start a grammar notebook.  I’m still sticking to loose-leaf paper for my vocab notes because I like organizing them according to the source material (and I read a lot of stuff simultaneously), but I think it’ll be useful to build my own grammar dictionary of sorts.

Anyway, here’s a page from the new notebook!  I’m in the process of recopying some old grammar points I’d written on scraps of paper ages ago.


Look at those lovely colors!  Jeannie sent me these pens from Korea and I LOVE the super-super-fine point tips.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen 0.3 tip pens in the US.

Happy 한글날 to all my fellow Korean learners!


  1. hangukdrama says:

    ur handwriting has style! i like!


    1. Archana says:

      Thanks! Hehe. The strokes are pretty similar to the way I write English :D


  2. Korean Vitamin says:

    우와~ 대단해요. 문법 책을 몽땅 베꼈어요? 저는 펜으로 한글을 써 본 적이 없는데…ㅋㅋ


    1. Archana says:

      그게 아닌데요. 이 공책은 예전에 문법책 없었을 때 인터넷에서 여기저기 검색해봤던 문법점을 정리하고 다시 쓸려고요. 코리언비타민님도 펜으로 한번 써 보세요.


  3. Chantelle says:

    I am like you when it comes to fine pens. I love them. They sell them at some office stores and hobby lobby in the States. But I always ordered mine from I have one Korean notebook that I started in 2010 or 2011. It’s not full yet, but I think I’ll fill it. I’m going to try taking notes digitally on an iPad though. Your page looks so colorful and pretty.


    1. Archana says:

      Good to know, and thanks! :)


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