Shiseido UNO Fog Bar CM

Okay, so this is a completely useless post.  But really.  It’s not everyday you stumble across a Japanese CM starring four beautiful イケメン.  Hnnggg.

I was stalking my favorite Japanese actor Eita a couple days ago and found that he did a recent CM for UNO Fog Bar, a hair styling spray, along with Oguri Shun, Miura Haruma, and Tsumabuki Satoshi.  Ummmm, hello NOSEBLEED.  Looks like this particular F4 has been endorsing Fog Bar for a couple years now because I found this adorable CM from 2010.  (You can practice reading Japanese subtitles a little too!)

Hehe.  I love the all シュツ シュツ シュツ (the spraying sounds).  The katakana is fun to write too.

I think I have this funny thing where I get really attached to Japanese actors, more so than Korean actors, but I tend to get attached to the characters in Korean dramas more than the characters in Japanese dramas.  Take Eita for instance.  I’ve watched five, going on six, of his dramas and I think he’s brilliant in each one.  (By the way, I highly recommend Last Friends and それでも、生きてゆく.  Those two dramas may have changed my life a little).

As for the other イケメン featured in this CM, Shun’s lovely but I’ve only really fangirled over him in Rich Man, Poor Woman (SO! GOOD!).  Haruma is so cute it make me want to cry, but I feel kind of blahhh about the stuff he’s acted in (including  Bloody Monday, which I found laughably bad).  And I don’t know much about Satoshi except that he was in The Waterboys (which I’ve been meaning to watch anyway), a really popular movie that, coincidentally, had a drama spin-off starring Eita.  Haha.

Okay, well, that’s it.  This has been a Fangirly J-actor Post by yours truly.  I even made a new category for it, see?  XD

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