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This might be one of the cutest songs I’ve ever heard.  *squeals*

From what I can gather, Sayonara Ponytail is a three-member acoustic pop group that seems to exist only in drawings.  Yep.  Members Miina, Nacchan, and Ayumin, along with their cat Kuroneko, are the black-and-white creations of illustrator Yuritan.  It’s not too clear to me how much of this group is real and how much of it is fiction or what exactly is the role of the illustrator in the production of the music.  Regardless, the group manages to remain firmly rooted in Sayo-Pony World, a fantasy that’s easy to uphold because the group doesn’t give live performances and prefers to connect with their fans only via MySpace and Twitter.

Most of Sayo-Pony’s MVs are adorably animated (see above) and feature the three “singers” (though apparently the members can be “erased” for bad behavior) – and this is one of my favorite songs by them.  I remember looking up ~たり… ~たりする after listening to this song because it was repeated over and over again in the chorus.

  • ~たり… ~たりする:   VST+거나; 예로 들고 그 밖에도 비슷한 일이 있을 때 씀.  Used to express multiple actions or states of similar nature.

Actually, that’s why I feel using a song to learn grammar is so great because a lot of songs tend to use parallel sentence constructions in order to sound more lyrical.  It’s a good way to pick up vocabulary too, obviously.

Check out Sayo-Pony’s YouTube page for more cuteness!


  1. somewhereblu says

    Hi your blog is my new Bible… really loving it!!! Can you write down a list of grammar point to study for a beginner?? I don’t know if I explained myself well but I’m sure you can understand what I mean since you are a passionate language learner^^ Sorry if you already done it. Big kiss from Italy


    • First of all, thank you so much for reading my blog! ;w;

      Did you mean Japanese or Korean? If you’re learning Korean, I suggest using talktomeinkorean.com. They are really wonderful for beginners and they do a much more thorough job of explaining grammar than I ever could. You can use their curriculum page to get a sense of important grammar points for a beginner: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/

      If you’re learning Japanese, I think Tae Kim’s grammar guide is really great http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar

      Best of luck. :)


  2. somewhereblu says

    I’m learning both XDDDD You really helped me with the japanese site !!! I never saw it !!! LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Sorry if I’m keep repeating it but this blog is amazing!!!!


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