Big (first impressions)

I prefer not to write too much about dramas here, unless it’s in the context of something culturally unique and/or language-related, but seeing as my wordpress is going through a bit of a dry spell… I’ve done a couple of these “First Impression” posts on tumblr (which you should steer clear from unless you want to experience every disgusting detail of my fangirl maladies) but I thought I’d stick one here just to fill up space.  Heh.  Anyway, I watched the first episode of Big this morning (sans subtitles, go me!) and, yeah, here are my first impressions.

There’s nothing new or immediately captivating about the Hong Sisters’ latest drama.  It’s essentially a mega-potpourri of Biscuit Teacher and Star CandySecret Garden, and 49 Days – which isn’t a bad thing! – but makes me wonder how they’ll be putting their own zany spin on stories that’ve been told before.  Judging from their past works (Big is my sixth Hong Sisters’ drama), they’ll find a way to make us fall in love.

Replace Lee Minjung with Gong Hyojin and this could be from Biscuit Teacher.

PREMISE:  LEE MINJUNG is Gil Daran, a young, ditzy (sigh) teacher who has little respect from her unruly high school class.  Luckily, she has an adoring fiance, hardworking doctor Seo Yoonjae (GONG YOO) to brighten her day – or does she?  The first episode shows us the quirky circumstances under which Daran and Yoonjae meet, but it seems that our handsome doctor might be getting cold feet as the wedding draws nigh.  As if Daran didn’t have enough issues, she also has to deal with Kang Kyungjoon (SHIN WONHO) a cocky transfer student from America (scoff) who amuses himself by needling Daran every chance he gets (clearly the beginnings of puppy love).  One unfortunate day, Yoonjae and Kyungjoon get into an accident, upon which Kyungjoon’s spirit wakes up in Yoonjae’s body while Yoonjae remains in a coma in Kyungjoon’s body.  And thus we start our story…

Pouty! Lips!

THOUGHTS:  Personally, I wouldn’t have minded scratching out the whole body swap thing and just sticking with Biscuit Teacher Version 2.0 a la Kyungjoon’s puppy love for Daran.  (Funnily though, Gong Yoo played Kyungjoon’s counterpart in Biscuit Teacher.)  No, but seriously.  Shin Wonho is like this adorable, mini Song Joongki, pouty lips and all.  In the first episode, we established the chemistry, albeit not necessarily the romantic kind, between Kyungjoon and Daran, while Yoonjae didn’t get a lot of screentime.  So naturally I’m rooting for the former.  Who is… er… in the latter’s body.  Yeah.  Interestingly, Yoonjae and Daran had a rather stiff relationship for a couple about to get married while Kyungjoon and Daran established this bickering rapport soon after they met.  Soooo…. if the Hong Sisters’ past dramas are any indication, “The Couple That Bickers, Stays Together.”  Just sayin’!

Guess I’ll be keeping this one in my drama-watching pocket.

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