V + 자꾸나

Hwon and Woon are lost in the forest.  Night is upon them and a misty rain begins to fall.

제운은 아랑곳없이 눈을 감은 채 고개를 숙이고 주위의 움직임을 읽었다.  먼 곳을 보던 훤이 산자락에 있는 희미한 불빛을 발견하고 반갑게 말했다.

“아!  잠시 저기서 비를 피하자꾸나.”

-정을궐, 해를 품은 달

First off, here’s a structure most of you are probably very familiar with:  V + 자” – the casual way to propose something you want to do with someone else.

예) 먹자! = Let’s eat!

예) 가자! = Let’s go!

-자꾸나 is equivalent to -자.  It can mean “Let’s…” or “How about… [we do something]?” but it tends to sound more intimate and is often used by an older person when addressing a younger person.  (In this case, Woon is older but Hwon is the king.)

예) 한잔 하자(꾸나) = Let’s have a drink.

예)  잠시 저기서 비를 피하자(꾸나). = Let us seek shelter from the rain for a moment over there.


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    1. Archana says:

      Gah, I think I got rid of it after getting a couple spam likes.
      Thanks though! ^^


  2. Oh, you must be reading the same book haha ^^ I remember this part, it’s the very beginning, right?


    1. Archana says:

      Yes, it is. :)


      1. I wish I found your blog earlier :))) keep it up with 사극 말투! ^_^


    2. Archana says:

      Aw thank you. :) I’ll definitely try to make more 사극말투 posts in the future.


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