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새해 복 많이 받으세요.

Happy new year to my friends, readers, and fellow language enthusiasts!  새해 복 많이 받으시고 올해도 건강들 하세요.  좋은 일만 생기길 바랍니다.

I still have a lot to learn about Korean culture, but I do know that one of the major New Year’s traditions in Korea is to watch the first sunrise of the new year.

My friend (the same one I skyped with a while back) told me that he and his father would be going to 강원도 to see the sun rise by the beach.  I told him to take lots of pictures and Kakaotalk with me if he was bored of waiting, and he did exactly that (photo credits go to him).  He arrived at 3:00 AM and had to wait five full hours (in the cold!) for the sunrise.  I asked him why he couldn’t just wait inside somewhere but, clearly, I had no idea about how many people actually did this every year.

He complained that it was so cloudy that you could barely see anything, but his dad managed to take a rather beautiful photo.

They also climbed to the top of a very slippery mountain.  I can’t imagine doing this in warm weather, let alone freezing winter weather.

It was a lot fun Kakaotalking with him while he was there!  It made me feel like I was there too.  Although, if I were ever in Korea during New Year’s, this is probably one tradition I would shy away from.  I prefer waking up warm, cozy, and sober on New Year’s Day.

Best wishes for 2012, everyone.


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