Audio Post #1

Jeannie’s audio post inspired me to make a recording of myself reading Korean as well.  In this recording, I’m reading a couple paragraphs from the first chapter of BIGBANG’s autobiography, 세상에 너를 소리 쳐, which is also the first Korean book I purchased.  (The narrator of this particular passage is G-Dragon.)  I do understand everything I’m reading but intonation and pronunciation are still quite difficult for me.  What do you guys think? ^^  I already know I mispronounced 흘러나오고 as 흘러너오고  >_<.

3 thoughts on “Audio Post #1

  1. 또박또박 읽었네~ I understood everything you read. You mispronounced some words but still great! Gahh we both have probs with intonation! Overall you did better than I did.


  2. haha we all have problems with intonation. It’s like during long sentences, we will end up losing our intonation and turn very monotonous towards the end. Probably cos we are no longer processing the intonation phrases LOL. but wow you are good :D


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