Big Bang SE Mini-album + Inkigayo

Hang on a sec, I need to collect myself.  *hyperventilates*

So I’m a huge HUGE Big Bang fan and I adored their mini album TONIGHT (check out my review here). Obviously, I was super excited for their special edition mini-album and I was blown away (I mean BLOWN AWAY!!) by “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song.”  (To be fair, I liked Daesung’s solo “Baby Don’t Cry” too except for the weird whirly sound effects randomly in the song).

And then… I saw their second comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo last night.

I have tears in my eyes.  I’m not kidding.  “Awesome” can’t even begin to describe how truly awesome the performances were.  It’s not even the performance itself per se; what’s incredible is how much Big Bang has grown over the years as musicians and performers.  Since I’ve only been a hardcore fan for a year (the longest I’ve ever fangirled over an idol group), through YouTube, I’ve seen their past four years in a very short time span.  In terms of music, they’ve gone from traditional hip hop and R&B, to electro-pop, and now to pop-rock while never losing their identity.  In terms of performance, who can forget their crazy outfits, their choreography, their inexhaustible energy?  Big Bang has an unmatched charisma that makes up for the fact that they sometimes slip up during their live performances.

That being said, their comeback stage last night might be the BEST live performance I have seen from them.  There is a sense of maturity, both in the songs and in the choreography and vocally, all of the members did very well.  Without further ado:


Source: 4everKPOPgirl01

The first word that comes to mind is – whimsical.  Everything from GD walking around like he’s drunk on stage, to the accusatory yet somehow still teasing chorus (which GD sings – how much do I love that!).  This is a really fun, upbeat song.  The melody seems to be at odds with the lyrics (it’s about a guy who’s been deceived by a girl?) but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for me.  Supposedly, “Tonight” won out over this song for the title track and, while I think “Stupid Liar” is the better song (in terms of composition, creativity, lyrics, AND personal enjoyment), I can understand why “Tonight” was chosen.  “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song” both have a very different sound; “Stupid Liar” would not have meshed well with the overall sound of TONIGHT.  Personally I think it might have been better to package “Tonight,” “What is Right,” and “Somebody to Love” as one EP and “Cafe,” “Stupid Liar,” and “Love Song” in another, based on musical style.  (And, oh yeah, excuse the fangirling but TOP is looking so adorable in this performance!!  LOVE the hair.)


Source: 4everKPOPgirl01

I adore “Stupid Liar” but I think “Love Song” wins as my favorite.  There’s just something so fresh about the whole sound of this song.  Soompi’s review mentioned undertones of U2 and I have to agree; I actually thought it sounded more like OneRepublic (their style is also influenced by U2).  The pop-rock thing works well for them and, surprisingly none of the members, not even the rappers, got left out.  (Still bitter over the fact that Daesung got 1 LINE in “Tonight”).  In fact, TOP and GD’s mellow raps were probably my favorite parts of the song.  In some of their older songs (take “Goodbye baby” and “I Don’t Undesrstand” for example), I felt that the rap failed to blend in with the rest of the melody and just ended up sounding forced and awkward.  But in this song, the rap worked perfectly; I think it even held it together.  Of course, TOP’s intro was surprising and lovely – I never knew his voice could be so soft.  This performance was good (GD GD GD!!!! looked/sounded so FINE!  ahem) but there were some pitch problems… and I’m not going to say who, but I was surprised.  Hm.  Well, it didn’t stop me from replaying the video like a million times!

BIGBANG 화이팅! ^^

3 thoughts on “Big Bang SE Mini-album + Inkigayo

  1. I’ve been hearing my friends rave about Big Bang’s new album (tbh I was clueless that they had released the full album until they started telling me how good it was).

    Was rather indifferent when I heard it :P until I saw their live performance.



    1. To be completely objective, TONIGHT was not a work of musical genius. These songs are probably more creative than “Tonight” or “Hands Up,” but again, not anything mind-blowing; and they are not as musically complex as Haru Haru or Lies. I think fans (including myself) tend to exaggerate the extent of their awesomeness just because of sheer love for the boys. Plus a lot of people were already looking forward to their comeback so it’s like they were predisposed to like their new album. It’s hard to be objective. I wrote this post like minutes after I watched their performance about ten times straight (hahaha) so I was still in this state of “OMGDLKJDL SO AMAZING!” but now that I look back on it… well, my gut reaction is still the same but my thoughts are more objective. XD

      Thanks for the comment!


      1. I think a lot of people are just glad they are back. But I still prefer their early days. They put on a good performancebut for me, while I would rate haru haru and lies at 4/5 stars, maybe even 4.5, their japanese releases – beautiful hangover (can’t remember the other titles) and their new releases are at just 3 or 3.5 for me. Not bad for a ”comeback” album but…compared to what they have released in the past…they could do so much better…


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