Idols on Twitter

Part of the reason Korean stuck with me more than any other language is because I don’t just learn from textbooks; I expose myself to the language (as best I can) in a variety of different ways.  Although my speaking practice is pretty much nonexistent, I get listening practice from dramas, music, TTMIK‘s 이야기 series and videos.  My reading practice I get from 만화책, short articles (usually celebrity gossip), Big Bang’s biography (AWESOME book, by the way), and Twitter.  Twitter is actually really great because you can practice reading, writing, AND learn how people use 속어.  I’ve tweeted with some native Korean speakers and learned a lot that way!  But, I have to confess – the reason I got Twitter in the first place was so I can follow all of my favorite Korean celebrities.

Surprisingly, there are A LOT of idols and actors who have Twitter accounts and they update quite regularly.  Although I didn’t really get the point of Twitter before, I think it’s a great tool for language learners.  You can use it as a way to practice reading, learn new vocabulary, meet new people, AND find out what’s going on in your favorite celebrity’s life.  And by reading their updates, I don’t feel like I’m across the world from them, in a different country and part of an entirely different culture…. they feel more like real people when they tweet about their fears or their worries or what they obsess over.  I find it particularly amusing when two celebrities tweet each other about something totally normal.  Like these tweets between Yoon Eunhye (@1003Grace) and Se7en (@officialse7en) yesterday:

Okay, so there’s nothing that special about these tweets except for the fact that I’m super excited about My Black Minidress!!  윤은혜 화이팅 XD.

Here is Allkpop’s compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts.  Enjoy stalking!

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