Movie: Cyrano Dating Agency (2010)

So I finally got around to watching 시라노 연애조작단 (Cyrano Dating Agency)! I’m not really into Korean films as much as I am into K-dramas but I really wanted to give this a try because of the awesome cast and the cute plotline. And, of course, I made my vocabulary list as I was watching!


Summary: Byung-hoon (Uhm Tae-woong) and his troupe of struggling actors earn their keep in a peculiar way – by using their theatrics and playwriting skills to make one person fall in love with another. But “Cyrano Dating Agency,” as they are called, isn’t your typical matchmaking service. The Agency arranges everything from what you say to how you act to how you dress, creating the exact situations leading to romance. All goes well, until Lee Sang-yong (Daniel Choi) arrives. The woman he happens to be in love with is an old flame of Byung-hoon’s and Byung-hoon might still have feelings for her… (The movie is a modern remake of the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostond. Cyrano is an unattractive yet poetic writer who helps a young man, Christian, win the heart of Roxanne, the woman they both love, by writing love letters for Christian to give to her).

Thoughts: Cute movie, definitely worth watching but not terribly complex.

Once again, some prominent Vocabulary:

  • 연애 (n.) = love, passion
  • 사귀다 (v.) = to date, to go out with (lit. to make friends with)
  • 짝사랑 (n.) = unrequited love
  • 사이 (n.) = relationship
  • 희망 (n.) = hope
  • 연극 (n.) = play, acting, theater
  • 연기하다 (v.) = to act, perform
  • 대사 (n.) = lines, words
  • 대본 (n.) = script
  • 극장 (n.) = theater, playhouse
  • 쥐도 새도 모르게 (adv.) = in secret, behind the scenes

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