Drama: Dream High

I really don’t intend on making this blog exclusively about K-dramas/K-pop but I can’t help posting some stuff about them because they really do impact my language learning so much.  I just finished watching Dream High today and it was awesome!

Title:  드림하이 (DREAM HIGH) – KBS 2011

1 sentence summary:  Six misfits at a performing arts school learn about themselves and each other as they reach for one goal:  To make it big in the idol industry.

Why it was awesome:  I used to be convinced that Japanese high school dramas far outshine Korean high school dramas (nothing, NOTHING can compare to the awesomeness of Nobuta wo Produce) but lately, I’ve come across some great school dramas – 건빵선생과 별사탕, 성균관 스캔들, and now, Dream High.  I love watching how a great teacher can change the lives of his students and how the students come to believe in their own abilities.  Dream High was great because each of the six characters had his/her own issue they had to deal with and eventually, each character found a way to deal with it.  The characters were dynamic and well-written.  There was never a period when I hated one character because even the “villain” (in the earlier episodes) had her own inner demons to battle.  The story was taut and engaging, fresh and heartwarming all at once.  It hit an emotional nerve – it made me happy when the characters succeeded, cry when things weren’t going well, and now that it’s over, it’s left a gaping hole in my life.  Oh, and now I’m obsessed with Kim Soohyun.  SIGH.

Lately, I’ve taken to jotting down key vocabulary words that I pick up from the dramas I watch so I thought it might be worthwhile posting some here.  It’s great how you can learn a certain “genre” of words depending on the drama you watch.  These are some words that I think really defined Dream High.


  • 데뷔 (n.) = debut
  • 쇼케이스 (n.) = showcase
  • 무대 (n.) = stage
  • 표절 (n.) = plagiarism
  • 이명 (n.) = tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears)
  • 승산이 있다 (v.) = to have a chance of success
  • 속상하다 (v.) = to be distressed, annoyed, exasperated, vexed
  • 기회 (n.) = a chance, opportunity
  • 포기하다 (v.) = to give up
  • 절대음감 (n.) = perfect pitch
  • 춤추다 (v.) = to dance
  • 꿈을 꾸다 (v.) = to dream
  • (n.) = melody, music, tune
  • 잘생기다 (v.) = to be handsome, good-looking, attractive
  • 충고 (n.) = advice; 질투 (n.) = jealousy (If you’ve seen the drama, you know why these are grouped together. ^^)
  • 고민 (n.) = anguish, worry, trouble
  • 정신(을) 차리다 (v.) = to pull oneself together, collect oneself, concentrate one’s efforts on; to regain consciousness, recover one’s senses
  • 자백하다 (v.) = to confess
  • 실력 (n.) = talent, merit, worth
  • And one grammar point:  VERB STEM + 아/어/여 or NOUN + 달라다 =  to ask for something or for something to be done

2 thoughts on “Drama: Dream High

  1. nice!! (: love how you picked out the recurring vocabulary in the drama. it’s really true how watching dramas can make you learn a certain genre of words. I’m picking up all the forensic science/investigation terms from 싸인 >,<

    p.s. kim soohyun was my obsession from will it snow on christmas! have yet to watch dream high, there's too much on my plate now!


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